The Human Body Is An Amazing Miracle

Greetings Wellness Warriors!

I want to personally thank you for your interest in being part of this passion-driven, pay it forward movement to discover and share the truth, the consequences, and perhaps even some solutions to the indisputable epidemic of sickness and disease that now more than ever so many of us are confronted with.

If you or someone you know wants to take control of their health before serious health problems arise, or if you are currently plagued with illness or any health problems and want to turn your health around this is the place for you to understand a little more about TDOS and what to do about it. 

Daily we learn more about the insurmountable volume, the countless types and the destructive consequences of toxins (many known to be carcinogenic) that our bodies are bombarded with each and every day.

They are dismantling our immune systems, promoting excessive inflammation and affecting our body’s miraculous ability to perform it’s own magic, it’s own healing, it’s own miracle.

Add to that the indisputable fact that a large percentage of us are starving ourselves to death, while simultaneously overfeeding ourselves to death. WHAT? Yes, unlike even just one generation ago, our foods are basically dead and void of essential life enhancing nutrients. It is unlikely this trend can ever be reversed. We are on a warp speed path to health and quality of life erosion by consuming unprecedented volumes of convenient, fast, packaged, artificially preserved and processed foods that are calorically dense but nutritionally deficient. It should be the other way around as it was just a generation ago!

My vision is to bring awareness to the world about the realities and the dangers of the TDOS syndrome and to provide suggested solutions to combat TDOS. Regarding my personal health crisis, I like to say that I went head on into battle against TDOS and not with Cancer. I did not make my decisions in a vacuum. Together with a team of world renowned Oncologists, Molecular biologists, research scientists and product formulators, we determined that if I could win or even advance my battle with TDOS, that the miracle of my human body would take over and do it’s job of fighting my disease, with my newly fortified immune system leading the charge. It turns out we were right! I must stress my strategy worked for me but I am not advocating it will work for everyone as we are all unique and different. It is always a good idea to consult with your health care provider.

I hope these first two chapters of The TDOS Syndrome are the catalyst for you to take control of your health and quality of life forever.  I know for me reading this book literally gave me the knowledge and confidence to help me make decisions including lifestyle changes that saved my life. 

Enjoy the content that my team and I will continue to distribute through multiple social media and other outlets.  I encourage you as Wellness Warriors to help spread awareness with the common goal of having a more informed, happier, healthier world.


Happy reading. 

Dan Maes.

Dan Maes Newsletter#1

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After dedicating 25 years of my life to the wellness industry, in July 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 throat cancer.  Opting out of surgery, chemo and radiation, my oncologist told me that I would likely be dead by Christmas.  In spite of that horrifying news, I chose to use natural therapies and nutrition to fight my battle.  One year later my cancer had been completely eradicated and to this day I continue to be healthy, strong, cancer-free and living my dream!

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