Overcoming TDOS Syndrome®
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What is the best way to attack TDOS Syndrome®?

In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, many people struggle to maintain their health, weight, and well-being. This is largely due to a condition called TDOS Syndrome, which was first identified in the book of the same name by Peter Greenlaw, Nicholas Messina M.D., and Drew Greenlaw. TDOS Syndrome is a combination of four factors: toxicity, nutritional deficiency, overweight, and stress. These four factors work together to undermine our quality of life potential and may lead to a variety of health problems, including excessive inflammation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and diabetes.

Fortunately, there is hope for those of us who suffer from TDOS Syndrome (100 percent of the earth’s population). The TDOS Solutions© book offers a revolutionary new approach to health and wellness that focuses on lifestyle modification and recommends the R2M detox protocol in order to jump-start our bodies into cleansing and fat-burning mode. This protocol involves intermittent nutritional fasting and protein pacing, two techniques that have been peer-reviewed and scientifically validated to drastically reduce inflammation, eliminate toxic fat, fortify our bodies with massive dosages of high-grade nutrition, reduce stress, and be highly effective in improving overall health and quality of life potential.

The R2M protocol has been studied extensively by Dr. Paul Arciero, one of the top nutritional researchers in the world for more than 35 years. In his studies, Dr. Arciero followed the R2M protocol and found that it led to significant improvements in health and wellness. Specifically, he found that Intermittent Nutritional Fasting™ (not intermittent fasting which has been a new rage, but peer-reviewed studies show it is no more effective than calorie-restricted diets) and Protein Pacing® reduced visceral fat, which is where the body stores toxins. By eliminating toxins from the visceral fat cells, the R2M protocol has been able to  rapidly and safely put a dent into the obesity epidemic and greatly reduce the impact of TDOS Syndrome

Dr. Arciero’s peer-reviewed studies also showed a major reduction in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides. These are all risk factors for heart disease and other health problems. By reducing these risk factors, the R2M protocol may help to prevent a variety of serious health problems in conjunction with not necessarily a substitute for allopathic protocols.

One of the most impressive aspects of the R2M protocol is its ability to promote safe weight loss. In fact, Dr. Arciero’s studies showed that the R2M protocol led to weight loss that was 12 times faster than on any diet ever studied.

These benefits make the R2M protocol one of the most effective and innovative approaches to health and wellness available today. Since everyone has TDOS Syndrome, the R2M protocol may be just what you need to achieve optimal health and well-being.

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