R2M Detox Protocol


R2M Protocol Overview

Developed in 2011, the R2M protocol is the newest evolution of the world’s most complete and proven detox protocol, which has been in existence since 2002.  With R2M, the elements of the original detox have changed very little, but with the benefit of multiple independent scientific studies, more scientifically proven health results, world-class coaching systems, and a blueprint for success strategy, the R2M protocol is generations beyond the original program.

Having the benefit of many years of experience and tens of thousands of testimonials of happy, healthy customers who have experienced the original detox protocol, R2M has evolved to the point of being what I believe to be the world’s most complete and efficacious detox and optimal health system.  With the original detox protocol as the platform nutritional technology, R2M was co-developed in 2011 by Dr. Paul Arciero, world-renowned international nutrition and applied physiology scientist and Peter Greenlaw,  International Speaker, four-time best-selling health and nutrition author and internationally recognized as “the researcher of researchers”.  He is also the discoverer of the TDOS Syndrome.  

Click here for the complete bios of Dr. Arciero and Peter Greenlaw.

The most notable and significant benefits over the original detox protocol include 1)  The preparation method of the protein/amino acid meal replacement shake and the timing of the consumption of each of the six elements.  2) The comprehensive Blueprint For Success System which all but guarantees optimal success when adhered to and 3) The world-class coaching system for success.

The products are distributed by reliable and internationally recognized nutritional product fulfillment companies with distribution centers located in various locations around the world.  The R2M protocol overlays and enhances the effects of the products by incorporating the world-class blueprint for success, proven coaching systems, and depending on the precise needs of the individual, the addition of other important product elements.

The fulfillment centers do not include the same blueprint and coaching system elements, so before or immediately after placing your product order, be sure to notify us by email so we can assign you a personal coach who will guide and mentor you in how to incorporate these essential elements into your exciting new health journey.  I like to use this analogy:  If you were building a new dream home and you had the location, the land, and the materials you have almost all you need to build the home of your dreams.  But imagine what the end result would be if you didn’t have a blueprint to guide you.  That’s the role the Blueprint for success and the coaching system play in the equation.  It’s not just about the products.  Following the blueprint for success will give you the best opportunity to build and maintain optimal health and quality of life results.  **THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS CANNOT BE OVERSTATED

The program begins by following a very specific regimen that allows the body to begin cleansing on its own due to the high infusion of massive amounts of synergistically blended high-grade nutrients. The program uses one of the world’s rarest forms of whey protein from New Zealand containing no herbicides or pesticides and using a low-temperature pasteurization process. This process allows for over 20 amino acids to be preserved which assists the body in the detoxification process. The pasteurization process in North America uses a high heat process that destroys the key amino acids and enzymes in the protein.

Features Of R2M Protocol

The first of five elements in the R2M protocol is the Undenatured whey Protein shake. Two key enzymes included in the New Zealand shakes are Lactase and Protease. Lactase allows those who are lactose intolerant to consume these shakes and Protease breaks down protein into peptides for easier absorption into our cells. You will not see these enzymes in most shakes because it is very expensive to provide them, which is one of the many reasons why these New Zealand shakes are so effective.

The shake also contains the amino acids Leucine and Cysteine. Lucien is responsible for lean muscle mass development and cysteine is responsible for breaking down the toxins in the body, making them water-soluble so they can pass out through the kidneys and the liver.

The second element is a very special Aloe Vera-based cleanse/detox beverage that is extracted from the inner heart fillet of the aloe plant and not the leaf. The aloe is processed by a low-temperature spray-dried process, not by squeezing the aloe out of the plant leaf which is the common practice. This process preserves very special nutrients, called polysaccharides that are involved in assisting the body with breaking the toxins down so they can be safely processed through the kidneys and the liver.

Element three is a unique Collagen bone broth. Collagen may be the most abundant protein in the body, but everyone’s collagen levels begin to decline over time — even with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. A daily serving of Collagen Bone Broth will help boost natural collagen production and immune health. This nutritious Collagen bone broth is a perfect addition to the detox/fasting days of the R2M protocol.  It perfectly complements the Aloe Vera detox beverage and promotes a feeling of satiation on low calorie detox days. 

The fourth element is a delicious, nutritionally dense electrolyte beverage fortified with vitamins C and B complex.  This refreshing, natural electrolyte drink mix keeps you hydrated better than water alone and replenishes nutrients that can be lost throughout your day and during exercise.  It will quench more than just your thirst, it will satisfy your body’s craving for essential vitamins and minerals.

The fifth and final element in the R2M Protocol is a nutrient-rich, adaptogenic tonic.  This product is a major de-stressor that assists the body in lowering inflammation and is loaded with a massive amount of nutrition to support you as you navigate your R2M detox journey.  Your body and mind crave balance, but finding it is not always easy, especially in an increasingly stressful world. Made with natural adaptogens like ashwagandha and Rhodiola.  It contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.


USA options:

R2M Shed and Shred Protocol

R2M Shed and Shred Detox Chocolate


R2M Shed and Shred Detox Vanilla


R2M Shed and Shred Detox Strawberry



Canada options:

R2M Shred and Shred Protocol

R2M Shed and Shred Detox Chocolate


R2M Shed and Shred Detox Vanilla


R2M Shed and Shred Detox Strawberry



R2M Pricing Considerations:

When the R2M 11 day Shed and Shred Detox Protocol arrives at your door, included in your order will be a combination of meal replacement protein shakes, aloe Vera-based detox beverages, collagen bone broth, an adaptogenic stress relieving tonic and a delicious Electrolyte elixir.  These elements will be replacing 54 of 75  meals you would typically consume over the course of 25 days.  After the 11 day detox, you will continue for 14 days on a maintenance protocol consisting of two shakes per day and one healthy balanced meal of your choice.  This completes the 25 day detox and maintenance program.

Outside of the protocol, you will only be responsible for purchasing 21 meals. 

Depending on what you would normally spend for those 54 replaced meals (a combination of home cooked meals, restaurants, delivery etc.), the NET cost of the protocol for most people is between a few dollars and literally saving/earning money. 

GET PAID TO GET HEALTHY:  Consider that on average, statistics reveal that a typical American meal costs between $5 and $10 or on average, around $7.  In this example, not having to purchase 54 meals at an average price of $7 per meal would result in savings of $378.  The R2M Shed and Shred R2M protocol is approximately $350.00. In this example you will be spending $350.00 and saving $378, resulting in a net savings of $28 . Saving $28 is the same as earning $28. IMAGINE GETTING PAID TO GET HEALTHY!!

*** Additionally, the fulfillment center offers an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee so this is a completely risk free opportunity to turn your health around or maintain a healthy quality of life

*** Every customer of the R2M Detox will be assigned a personal coach to guide you every step of the way.  This is an optional benefit that is only available upon request by sending an email via the CONTACT section of the website howdandidit.com after you place your R2M order.

*** In addition to the personal coach, the company will send you a comprehensive Blueprint For Success (BFS) document which will serve as your step by step personal guide, offering useful daily short coaching and information videos, step by step use instructions, delicious and compliant recipe ideas and a Personal Analysis form to keep you motivated and on track.  This is an optional benefit that is only available  upon request by sending an email via the CONTACT section of the website howdandidit.com.  Although optional, view this as a non negotiable component of your wellness journey.  Following the BFS will all but ensure optimal results for you.

The following video is a fantastic informational interview between the two co–developers of the R2M detox protocol.  This video provides a detailed summary of the R2M protocol peer reviewed study featured in the prestigious Nutrition Journal.

Dr. Paul Arciero and Peter Greenlaw video interview