Bravo.  The most powerful Probiotic on earth

Probiotics are key to restore healthy gut function, improve digestion, boost your immune system and power your brain. As far as bacteria go? They’re the good guys and we need them. Enter Bravo… The most powerful probiotic on earth. The reason this probiotic is so important? The probiotic products you find today usually only have 3 different strains of bacteria. But current research is revealing that we desperately need more diversity. Certain strains are better for the mind, some are better for the gut, some are better for cardiovascular health, etc. Bravo is the only probiotic that gives you 220 strains, thus fulfilling our need for diversity AND it comes in a form we can easily utilize. Whichever form you choose, whether freeze dried in a capsule or completely dairy free, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be getting an abundance of “good guys” in the highest form available – for you and your family. If you’ve used antibiotics in the past decade or experienced stress of any kind, probiotics are key to restoring health and well-being. So why not use the best?

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Option 1.  FERMENTED FREEZE DRIED BRAVO (IN CAPSULE FORM) is the freeze-dried form, ready-to-use version of the original fermented Swiss yogurt/kefir-like product obtained using our Bravo For Milk DIY Kit.

In our Swiss facility, we choose the best Swiss quality bovine milk and colostrum. Then we add a proprietary blend of fermenting cultures, a unique array of probiotics, and we leave the product to naturally ferment. Then, when a full and extensive fermentation has occurred, we freeze-dry the product and make it available under the form of delayed-release, vegetable capsules.

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Option 2.  BRAVO EDESTINY (CAPSULES) is a ready-to-use Bravo product, obtained from the freeze-drying process of hemp seed protein powder fermented with a proprietary array of live cultures and probiotic microbes.

In our Swiss facility, we choose the best Swiss quality hemp seed protein powder. We blend it with highly selected food ingredients (such as real lemon juice and apple cider vinegar), we add a proprietary blend of fermenting cultures, our array of probiotics and prebiotics, and we leave the product to fully and naturally ferment following our proprietary process. Then, after full and extensive fermentation, we freeze-dry the product and make it available in the form of delayed-release, vegetable, capsules.

BRAVO EDESTINY (CAPSULES) is unique because it’s not merely a blend of probiotics. It is the only product available on the market containing fermented hemp seed protein powder, a wide array of live microorganisms, prebiotics, a broad spectrum of probiotics, and postbiotics.

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