How Dan Did It

How Dan did it

On July 20th, 2018, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 throat cancer.  Along with input from a team of some of the world’s top researchers, medical and naturopathic doctors, oncologists, molecular biologists, and nutritional scientists, I decided to opt out of emergency surgery and chemotherapy.  That very day my oncologist told me that such a decision would almost assuredly guarantee I’d be dead by Christmas

In spite of that horrifying prognosis, I chose to use natural therapies, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications to fight my battle.  One year later my cancer had been completely eradicated and to this day I remain healthy, cancer-free, and living my dream!

The Human Body

Is an Amazing


The human body is an amazing miracle and knows exactly what to do to prevent and heal illness and disease. Sadly we are restricting this natural process with our lifestyles and poor nutrition choices. The good news! This can almost always be reversed, putting us in complete control of our health and quality of life.
In making my decision to opt out of emergency surgery and chemotherapy, I relied heavily on the extensive knowledge and experience of my team, along with my 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.  I decided my battle would not be against cancer itself, but rather against a little-known, recently discovered health syndrome called TDOS (I call it the silent killer). I believed in my heart that managing the TDOS overload in my body would allow my miraculous immune system to take over the fight and win the cancer battle. It is my heartfelt belief that’s precisely what happened. Now cancer-free, it has become my passion, my obsession, and my obligation to pay it forward by sharing with the world my entire 28-year personal wellness journey and what I know about TDOS. Very simply, it is my goal to positively impact the health and lives of millions around the world.



What “they” don’t want you to know

Now that you have watched the 2 minute Introductory video, I invite you to take a few more minutes to watch the following video. This second video takes a much deeper dive into my vision and my passionate objectives behind this howdandidit project. I share some of my most important discoveries over the past 28 years about sickness, disease, healing and optimal health. Mostly, that our daily dietary habits and lifestyle choices almost always dictate our state of health – both good and bad. Contrary to popular belief, in many instances genetics play only a minor role in our overall well being. It is my firm belief that almost always, WE individually have the ability to take and maintain control of our state of health. Being armed with this information when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Esophageal cancer on July 20th, 2018 without a doubt saved my life.

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