My story of health, 

hope and healing

    I was diagnosed with Stage 3 throat (pharyngeal) cancer on July 20th 2018.  Based on the severity and the location of my tumor, I made a fairly swift decision to reject the typical 3-pronged treatment protocol of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Many factors influenced that decision including the grim reality that the recommended surgery would leave me unable to speak without the aid of a mechanical device.  I was also facing the prospect of permanently losing my sense of taste and smell.  And lastly I was aware that statistically speaking most cancer patients do not ultimately die of cancer – but rather from the cancer treatments.  Armed with this knowledge and information, I went on a mission to find the most proven and effective cancer fighting NATURAL modalities, treatments and protocols.  Having the benefit of 25+ years of experience in the health and wellness industry, and the many relationships I had forged with very credible holistic and natural wellness care practitioners (some who had been effectively treating cancer for years), I immediately embarked on my multi-faceted life saving all natural and holistic wellness journey.  I carefully took into consideration the advanced stage of my cancer, the size and delicate location of my tumor, the timing and availability of certain protocols and products, and of course the cost of each of the protocols, which ranged from free to outrageously expensive. Even though I did my best to avoid letting it control me, in the back of my mind what was always looming were the words of my oncologist stating that if I did not follow their “standard and accepted 3-pronged treatment protocol” I would unlikely be alive just five months later at Christmas time. One of the most difficult challenges I faced was that just about everything I found fell outside of the scope of coverage of my health insurance, so sadly I had to take the cost of each protocol into consideration.
    Almost daily I share of my story, my journey, my trials and tribulations with others and honestly, it has become my passion – maybe even my obligation. It’s my way of giving back, paying it forward by helping others who may be facing a similar challenge, or those who may know someone with a similar challenge. Because I am not one, I stay away from playing doctor or scientist or medical professional at all costs. I never tell people what they should do but rather I focus on exactly what I did. I simply share my story with the intent of adding value, hope and inspiration in some way to the lives of others. And for me it’s not just about situations of those who are already afflicted with cancer or disease. Almost daily I talk to people who very smartly want to take steps proactively in order to avoid cancer or any other disease or illness.  Those who are interested in what they can add to their daily lives in order fortify their bodies and their immune systems with the intent of avoiding ever getting sick or disease ridden. In other words achieving optimal health as a form of prevention.
    Let the journey begin. I know that the real miracle in the equation for optimal health and longevity is not a diet or a pill or a lotion or potion, or even a shake or supplement.  Very simply the miracle in the equation is the human body and leading the charge of course is the immune system.  A strong, thriving healthy body accompanied by a strong immune system is all we generally need for disease prevention and optimal health, but unfortunately we are so toxic, nutritionally bankrupt and stressed out (not to mention that statistically speaking most people are overweight or obese) that our bodies cannot be the miracle that they are intended to be, thus leading to a weakened immune system and exposing the body to illness and disease.  A few months prior to my diagnosis and during a chance encounter with a good friend of mine,  I learned of a recently discovered health SYNDROME called TDOS  ( Toxicity, nutritional Deficiency, Overweight/Obesity and Stress. It is a fact that the combination of these four co-factors form the underlying cause of the majority of sicknesses and disease that we face in todays world.  Reflecting back, there is no doubt in my mind that TDOS was the underlying cause of my Cancer.  Although I was not overweight, I was definitely severely toxic, nutritionally deficient and stressed out. With that in mind I went on to the battlefield knowing I had to arm myself with natural solutions that would address TDOS head on.  I did not know enough to battle cancer, my goal was to battle TDOS and then allow my miracuIous body and newly fortified immune system to beat the cancer.  I used several different products and protocols on my journey, and to this day I still use many of them daily as an ongoing form of prevention and maintenance. One by one I will lay out the specifics of the decisions made.  

    I started by eliminating the cancer from my mind. My life is guided by my very strong belief and understanding of the law of attraction. What you think about most you bring about.  Thoughts become things and if people think they are sick and may be dying, then that’s exactly what will likely happen. It was a massive challenge but I knew it was VERY important to get my mind and my attitude right. I quickly learned to meditate and I added both meditation and yoga into my daily life routine.  I also committed to reciting positive affirmations several times throughout the day.  I went one step further.  24 hours after my diagnosis I did a 10 minute video talking about my intention and commitment to win my battle.  This included stating my unconditional commitment to be the owner of my destiny and proving first and foremost to myself and then to the world that living vs. dying, thriving vs. Surviving, being healthy vs. Being sick was ultimately my choice.  In that video I talked about owning my destiny and my state of health.  Writing down and/or video recording my intentions made me feel a deep sense of accountability.  I also made an unconditional verbal commitment to my amazing children that I would be there for them for many years to come.  I needed their positive energy, not negative energy of sadness or fright for my situation.  So far everything I did was free. It came down to a decision and taking action and nothing more.

    From a protocol/product perspective, knowing I was toxic and having lots of previous experience with cellular level detoxing, the first big step I took was to do a comprehensive detox. The detox I chose was based on a foundation of INTERMITTENT NUTRITIONAL FASTING. Fasting and/or intermittent fasting have become somewhat trendy lately and although they can provide many health benefits, they can also be detrimental to your health as you are depriving your body of not only food and calories, but of essential nutrients your body requires in order to perform optimally – especially in times of caloric and nutrient deprivation and fasting.   INTERMITTENT NUTRITIONAL FASTING on the other hand addresses this problem by flooding the body with essential nutrients during the fasting stages of the detox protocol.  The nutrients do not taste like what we have come to know as “food”, but my research confirmed the importance of these nutrients as an essential part of any fasting protocol. Personally I would not recommend or condone intermittent fasting by by itself, without simultaneously incorporating the essential nutrients that allow your body and in particular – your immune system – to perform optimally and reject and even potentially eliminate disease and illness.

    Following my 11-day detox protocol, I continued replacing one or two meals per day with arguably the worlds most complete and absorptive un-denatured (high heat not applied) whey protein meal replacement shake.  This particular protein shake was an essential part of my detox protocol and has become my staple.  To this day two plus years post diagnosis, I NEVER go a day without consuming at least one or two of them.  Nine months following my diagnosis due to various treatments, dehydration and minimal caloric intake, within a two week timeframe I lost 30 pounds.  Consequently a feeding tube was installed in my stomach and remained for seven months. For several of those months this protein shake accounted for 100% of my nutritional intake as I literally could not swallow – not a thing.  And I was not about to inject the toxic and sugar laden liquid concoctions the medical professionals prescribed to me for my feeding tube. Talk about sugar overload!!!! The undenatured whey protein shake I use is backed by extensive scientific studies concluding that due to its unique mineral and enzyme profile, it allows the body to absorb the amino acids at a rate much higher than any protein product of any kind.  One of the key benefits to this is that your body is able to produce massive amounts of an important antioxidant called glutathione.  Glutathione is produced by our bodies and is also found in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by free radicals and heavy metals. Glutathione controls when inflammation increases or decreases as needed, by instructing and influencing our immune white cells.

    This is a completely separate mechanism from its antioxidant properties.  Rebalancing glutathione levels reduces chronic inflammation and is one of the most powerful immune system building blocks known to man.  I cannot overstate the importance of a strong immune system. That is why I will never stop consuming this shake daily.  When prepared properly this shake has been scientifically proven to have an amino acid absorption rate of over 90%. One of the highest absorption rates of any protein source in the world.  The absorption rate for most protein shakes is well under 15%.  This is a little known secret and all too often the clever marketing and hype around protein shakes tricks us into thinking that we are absorbing the quantity of protein listed on the label.  No shake ever tested for net amino acid uptake and absorption was more than 15%. This shake when prepared normally with cold water and blended is only 15%.  But because of the unique combination of five particular enzymes known as proteasis, found ONLY in this protein shake, when blended in warm water and allowed to sit with the lid off (incubate) for 45 minutes to one hour, the amino acid absorption skyrocketed to over 90%, the highest absorption rate of any protein product ever tested including steak, chicken or fish.

    My research confirmed the need for eliminating most if not all refined sugars from my diet, so I immediately embarked on a Ketogenic diet/ lifestyle. Sugar and Cancer are best friends and in fact, in 1932 a German medical doctor and scientist Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel peace prize for his discoveries surrounding the relationship between cancer and sugar.

    I started eating organic whenever possible. Organic is better than non-organic from the standpoint of less toxic exposure and overload.  Unfortunately even organic food is most often just as nutritionally void of essential nutrients our bodies depend on, as non-organic foods.   I knew the protein I was consuming was necessary in order to complement and enhance the organic foods I was consuming.

    I found the best source of alkaline water available through a San Diego California based company, and I got my body into a state of being alkaline vs. acidic. Research shows that cancer cannot survive or even thrive in an alkaline environment. On the other hand an acidic body is more prone to disease and illness and generally speaking, because of our dietary and lifestyle habits most people spend most of their lives living in an acidic state. Imagine having a swimming pool that is not properly maintained with important PH balancing chemicals.  That pool will quickly turn acidic and will begin to form algae.  A good alkaline water source will ensure a constant state of alkalinity.

    I started on a CBD oil regimen. Many studies are available showing the significant health and cancer fighting benefits of CBD. I would also strongly encourage people to do their due diligence on the significant proven benefits of THC consumption for many illnesses and disease states.  Don’t break any laws! 

     I started using what I felt were the best natural supplements for telomere support (anti-aging) in order to further strengthen my cellular foundation and my immune system.

    I found a probiotic source that is scientifically proven to rapidly rebuild the immune system (our microbiome) from scratch.  This probiotic source was developed by a world renowned Oncologist and Molecular Biologist who has actually proven that this discovery will in fact completely reconstitute our microbiome to the time in our lives when our immune system is at its strongest – the day we pass through the birth canal.  This Oncologist/molecular biologist has made significant strides using this probiotic source in the treatment of various states of disease and illness including cancer.

    Last but not least I began a six month regimen of a product called Orasal.  Orasal is the oral version of an injection based product called Salicinium developed by a renowned scientist in 2005.  It has been used successfully in clinics across America on more than 10,000 stage 4 cancer patients.  According to the scientist behind the discovery (I personally spoke with him on multiple occasions), since 2005 there has been a tremendous success rate with over 10,000 stage 4 cancer patients.

    I honestly do not know and cannot say which of these protocols or products saved my life.  My guess it was a combination of all of them.  Maybe it sounds crazy but I think that the mental and emotional strength I was able to muster up from almost day one was the key to everything else. With that as a baseline, the cellular detox as my next step set a strong foundation for all other decisions I made.  I knew without a doubt that I had to have a healthy, toxin free cellular structure and immune system for anything else to work.
    I will stop at nothing to do my best to make a difference in this world.  I will stop at nothing to share what I know in order to give others at a minimum some additional food for thought as they pursue a life of health, healing and happiness.