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The number one question I am asked these days is “what do you do to support your immune system”?  To me, this is one of the most important topics around health, wellness, and healing.  There are so many natural options to assist us in fortifying our immune systems and a simple google search will get you on your way to a healthier and better quality of life.  As we begin to take action, our newly fortified immune system will start to do what it is supposed to do naturally. 

There are endless reasons why our immune systems break down, thus allowing disease and illness to invade our bodies.  Let’s be clear about this.  If our immune systems were strong and fortified there would be very little disease and illness.  That’s just not the case. Let’s look at the facts.  Eighty-eight percent of us are afflicted with Metabolic Syndrome.

That’s having at least one of the following afflictions:

1. High blood pressure.  

2. High Cholesterol.  

3. High triglycerides.  

4. High sugars (diabetic or pre-diabetic) and 

5. Overweight or obese.

Rather than addressing the reason why we have Metabolic Syndrome, we go to the pharmacy with the latest, greatest prescription from our medical professional or even suggestions from friends or family members.  We rarely go after the root of the problem.  We are not taught this. Our medical professionals will rarely talk about this.

In addition, 100 percent of us are afflicted with another dangerous and often deadly syndrome called the TDOS Syndrome. Toxicity, Deficiency of nutrition (nutritionally speaking we are starving ourselves into poor health and even worse), Overweight/Obesity, and Stress.


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So, 100 percent of us are walking around with TDOS and Metabolic syndrome, leading to a massive overload of inflammation and excessively compromised immune systems.  This is when illness and disease walk through a wide-open door.  This is when our misguided life’s lessons instruct us to go to the medicine cabinet or the doctor, where inevitably we are directed into a revolving door of Doctor visits, hospitals, antibiotics, and other pharmaceutical medications, unnecessary and often ineffective medical treatment options and to what has affectionately become known as the “healthcare system”.  What a crock.  It’s not health care.  Not even close.

How long will we keep buying into this medical Ponzi scheme of lies, deception, and corruption? TDOS and Metabolic syndromes are both the root and the result of this endless and evil cycle!

Fortunately, when I was diagnosed in July 2018 with throat cancer and given as little as five months to live, I was armed with this knowledge.  Seven months pre-diagnosis, I had been given one of the greatest Christmas gifts imaginable in the form of two books, the TDOS Syndrome and The TDOS Solution. Little did I know the role that these autographed Christmas presents, gifted to me by four-time Best-Selling author Peter Greenlaw would be the catalyst to my life-saving healing journey seven months later.

Amazingly, at the very same pre-Christmas lunch meeting Peter shared with me his fourth best-selling book entitled “Your Third Brain”.  That’s a topic that deserves its newsletter.  Suffice it to say that the co-author of that book is world-renowned Oncologist and molecular biologist Dr. Marco Ruggiero.

Dr. Ruggiero is widely considered one of the Worlds top Oncologists and research scientists. Of importance for this discussion is that Dr. Ruggiero had recently developed a pro/prebiotic called Bravo for his cancer patients.

The idea is that regardless of which treatment option his patients ultimately decided to follow (conventional, natural, or a hybrid, having a strong and fortified immune system combined with detoxing heavy metals is essential to the healing process).  His cancer healing protocol included what he felt at the time was the world’s best protein drink.  While Bravo was detoxing heavy metals and re-constituting the gut microbiome (the operating system for the immune system), the protein was providing the essential amino acids, the building blocks of human proteins that most cancer patients are simply not getting, causing excessive weight loss and offsetting the benefits of any treatment protocols, both natural and conventional.  The standard solution to this problem is for your oncology team to promote the consumption of fast food, ice cream, and any processed, sugar-laden foods that the medical profession so quickly and erroneously recommends for patients to keep from losing weight too fast.  Sugar is not your friend.  But I digressed.


Are you aware that an unborn baby is essentially sterile? They have no immune system.  The immune system is born, along with the baby as he/she passes through the birth canal.   The baby collects bacteria (including 42 strains that are consistent among pregnant mothers), microbes, and fungi along with the mother’s breast milk and colostrum.  In his genius what Dr. Ruggiero did was reverse engineer the process of the formation of a newborn baby’s immune system as it passes through the birth canal.  So a daily dose of Bravo is essentially the same as transplanting your immune system daily.  Bravo re-constitutes the gut microbiome.  It’s no wonder Dr. Ruggiero is well known for his successful life’s work with not only his cancer patients but in his comprehensive study of Aids, Autism, dementia, and Alzheimer, just to name a few.  In retrospect, he may have saved my life.  In this video, Dr. Ruggiero discusses why Bravo is not just another probiotic or prebiotic.

So, on diagnosis day 7/20/2018, I was already armed with this knowledge as a result of the pre-Christmas 2017 lunch meeting. This is why I made a choice to transplant my immune system daily and take on TDOS and metabolic syndrome, rather than wasting my time looking for a cure for my cancer.  I quickly planned and executed my battle plan.  I searched out what I believed was the most effective cellular-level detox.  With Dr. Ruggiero’s blessing and encouragement, I went with the R2M 11-day detox protocol combined with Bravo.That set the foundation. Everything else I did sat atop this powerful healing platform. To this day I cannot and will not venture to guess which of the 9 life-saving decisions I made saved my life. My guess was a combination.  But the reality is I have been cancer free now for three years.

I am not advocating that everyone with health issues and diseases follow my exact protocol.  I am not claiming a cure for anything – especially cancer.  I am not giving medical advice.  I’m simply sharing my story and the immense knowledge, experience, and wisdom of a world-class team of oncologists, molecular biologists, geneticists, homeopathic doctors, and research scientists, in hopes of encouraging others to look at options.  To consider the commonsense notion that a Metabolic Syndrome free, toxin-free, nutritionally dense, less stressed body with minimal body fat and inflammation is a much better breeding ground for healing and health maintenance than most solutions we get from our outdated and corrupt health care system, regardless of what other options or protocols you decide to follow.

In closing I want to share with you the peer-reviewed scientific data behind the R2M detox protocol, showing a substantial decrease and even elimination of every element of TDOS and metabolic syndrome.  This is groundbreaking new evidence that will no doubt change millions of lives around the world in the years to come.  Perhaps even yours.

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After dedicating 25 years of my life to the wellness industry, in July 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 throat cancer.  Opting out of surgery, chemo and radiation, my oncologist told me that I would likely be dead by Christmas.  In spite of that horrifying news, I chose to use natural therapies and nutrition to fight my battle.  One year later my cancer had been completely eradicated and to this day I continue to be healthy, strong, cancer-free and living my dream!

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