9 LIFE-SAVING Decisions

Decision 4: Probiotic for immune system support and detoxing

I found a probiotic source that is scientifically proven to support and fortify the immune system (our microbiome), to reconstitute the gut and brain microbiome, and to remove toxic impurities from the body. This probiotic source was developed by Dr. Marco Ruggiero, a world renowned Oncologist and Molecular Biologist who has actually proven that this product will in fact completely reconstitute our microbiome to the time in our lives when our immune system is at its strongest – the day we pass through the birth canal.  Dr. Ruggiero has made significant strides using this probiotic source in the treatment of various states of disease and illness including cancer. 

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Decision 8: CBD oil

I started on a CBD oil regimen. Many studies are available showing the significant health and cancer fighting benefits of CBD. I would also strongly

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