Fortifying the immune system for optimal health and healing

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There are endless reasons why our immune systems break down, thus allowing disease and illness to invade our bodies. Let’s be clear about this. If our immune systems were strong and fortified there would be very little disease and illness. That’s just not the case. Let’s look at the facts. Eighty-eight percent of us are afflicted with Metabolic Syndrome.

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Let’s get on with science and optimal health!

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Mostly, that our daily dietary habits and lifestyle choices almost always dictate our state of health – both good and bad. Contrary to popular belief, in many instances genetics play only a minor role in our overall well being. It is my firm belief that almost always, we individually have the ability to take and maintain control of our state of health. Being armed with this information when I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Esophageal cancer on July 20th, 2018 without a doubt saved my life.

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My TDOS battle

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Daily we learn more about the insurmountable volume, the countless types and the destructive consequences of toxins (many known to be carcinogenic) that our bodies are bombarded with each and every day. They are dismantling our immune systems, promoting excessive inflammation and affecting our body’s miraculous ability to perform it’s own magic, it’s own healing, it’s own miracle.

Dan Maes Newsletter.

The Human Body Is An Amazing Miracle

I want to personally thank you for your interest in being part of this passion-driven, pay it forward movement to discover and share the truth, the consequences, and perhaps even some solutions to the indisputable epidemic of sickness and disease that now more than ever so many of us are confronted with.

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