Bravo: Balancing the Immune System and Unleashing Cognitive Potential

Is it possible to essentially transplant your immune system daily? Is it possible to reconstitute not only your gut microbiome daily but also the all-important microbiome in your body and brain? According to Dr. Marco Ruggiero, a world-renowned Oncologist and molecular biologist who developed the Bravo probiotic/prebiotic (actually an entire ecosystem) for his cancer patients to assist in the healing and recovery process, that’s precisely what Bravo does.

The following article summarizes the true power and miracle of Bravo as it is essentially designed to duplicate precisely what happened in the first days after our birth when our immune system is formed for the first time and is nearly impenetrable.


I invented Bravo many years ago as a natural tool to balance the immune system and I hope that you will agree that Bravo is indeed effective in this respect. Actually, Bravo was designed with the goal of reconstituting the microbiome (that is the array of microbes that reside in our gut and contribute to the functioning of the immune system) that we, as mammals, build in the first days of our lives when we are fed colostrum and we ferment the colostrum in our gut.

In other words, I envisaged Bravo as a reset of the gut microbiome and, hence, of the whole immune system reproducing, on a daily basis, what happened in the first days after our birth.

In those years nobody knew that we also have a brain microbiome; actually, it was thought that the brain was sterile. However, we now know that this is not true and that in our brains there are microbes, just like in all other organs. And just like in all other organs, the microbes in the brain contribute to its health and function.

It is not a coincidence that the microbes of the brain are localized in the most important areas of the brain which are the areas that control learning and memory, mood, the ability to cope with emotions, the ability to improve our healing, to make plans and decisions or to solve problems, and, more in general, the higher cognitive functions.

These microbes come from the gut and arrive in the brain carried by cells of the immune system (activated T-lymphocytes and macrophages). As I have mentioned in other newsletters and talks, Bravo is quite unique among probiotics because not only it has the widest array of microbes but also because it naturally contains those molecules that stimulate the cells of the immune system and, therefore, help to carry the microbes from the gut to the brain.

In short, Bravo helps to reconstitute not only the gut but also the brain microbiome.

The role of probiotics in brain and mental/physical health is now so recognized that scientists have coined the new term PSYCHOBIOTICS: a group of probiotics that affect central-nervous-system-related functions and behaviors mediated by the gut-brain-axis via immune, humoral, neural and metabolic pathways.

If you take Bravo in its liquid form at dinner, as I do, you will notice that the quality of your night will improve and consequently, when you awake, you will feel not only well-rested but also with a greater ability to focus and perform all those functions that require higher cognitive abilities as well as with a better attitude and mood that are known to help to restore our wellness and health.

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