The day that changed my life forever

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 throat (pharyngeal) cancer on July 20th, 2018. Imagine my shock after having dedicated nearly 3 decades of my professional life to the health and wellness industry.  Along with input from a team of some of the world’s top researchers, medical and naturopathic doctors, oncologists, molecular biologists, and nutritional scientists, I decided to opt out of the recommended emergency surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy medical protocols.

A few of the important factors that influenced that decision include: The surgery entailed removing a large section of the anatomy in my throat, forever leaving me unable to speak without the aid of a mechanical device.  The prospect of permanently losing my sense of taste and smell. The potent chemotherapy treatments increased my chances of survival by only five to seven percent.  And,  according to many studies, a disproportionate percentage of cancer patients do not ultimately die of cancer – but rather from complications resulting from the cancer treatments.  Armed with this knowledge, I went on a mission to find and utilize the most proven and effective NATURAL modalities, treatments, and protocols.

Having the benefit of 25 plus years of experience in the health and wellness industry, and the many relationships I had forged with very credible allopathic, holistic, and natural wellness care practitioners (some who had been effectively treating cancer for years), I embarked on a non-allopathic, multi-faceted, holistic wellness journey.  I carefully took into consideration the advanced stage of my cancer, the size and delicate location of the tumor, the timing and availability of certain natural protocols and products, and of course, the cost of each of those protocols, ranging from free to outrageously expensive.


Even though I did my best to avoid letting it control me, in the back of my mind what was always looming were the devastating words of two different oncologists. The first stating that if I did not follow their “standard and accepted 3-pronged treatment protocol that I would unlikely be alive just five months later at Christmas time. The second came in a well-intended but frantic phone call from a different oncologist, telling me my decision to avoid conventional treatment and instead return home to Medellin the following day was a matter of “life or death” and that I was being careless and selfish with my decision. Those words served only to inspire me to fight even harder for my life and to one day prove them wrong.  One of the most difficult challenges I faced was that just about everything I found fell outside of the scope of coverage of my health insurance. Sadly I had to take the cost of each protocol into consideration.

Christmas 2018 came and went as I continued living my new healthy style of living, following 9 specific natural protocols and lifestyle adjustments. Less than one year following my diagnosis all that remained was a pesky tumor still doing its best to wreak havoc on basic eating and swallowing skills.  When swallowing went beyond challenging, I agreed to a round of modified radiation treatments to obliterate what was left of the now cancer-free tumor.  As the treatment commenced, the medical team was shocked to find the tumor was pretty much completely obliterated after just a few radiation treatments.  Today more than three years post-diagnosis I remain cancer-free. 
Almost daily I share my story, my trials and my tribulations with others.  It has become my passion, my legacy, perhaps even my obligation. It’s my way of paying it forward and helping others who may be facing similar challenges, or those who may know someone with similar challenges. Because I am not one, I stay away from playing doctor or scientist or medical professional at all costs. I never make claims and I never tell people what they should do.  Rather, I focus on exactly what I did, why I did it, and where things are today.
I very simply passionately share my story with the intent of adding value, hope, and inspiration in some way to the lives of others.

Howdandidit is not just a resource for those who are afflicted with cancer or disease.  Almost daily I talk to people who very smartly want to take proactive steps to avoid cancer or any other disease or illness. Those who are interested in what they can incorporate into their daily lives to fortify their bodies and their immune systems.  Those with the desire to never get sick or diseased. In other words, those interested in exercising prevention as a road to achieving optimal health and quality of life.