No.  I have no formal training in medicine nor nutritional science.  But I have been in and around the health and wellness industry for nearly 30 years and together with my ex wife who is a board certifed MD (Gastroenterologist), we built a successful international company helping tens of thousands around the world to achieve a better quality of life and in many instances optimal health.  

I discovered the value of nutritional products in 1993.  A buddy gave me samples of an herbal supplement that let’s just say changed my life forever.  Not just the results I got from that product, but what it did for my belief in the power of natural medicine and natural healing.

No absolutely not.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for medical professionals and medicine itself.  But like everything else there are boundaries that should be considered.  Let’s just say those boundaries are too often crossed in order to put profits before human health. And the entire system is built on that model.  Some in the profession know about all of the lies and corruption and are part of the problem out of pure greed and the relentless pursuit of making money at any cost.  Others just don’t know the truth and perhaps don’t want to know it.  Most are are amazing, giving, loving, compassionate people with good intentions who are oblivious to  what’s really going on.  They don’t necessarily learn the real truth in Medical school.  They are indoctrinated into the system that has been around since the early 1900’s when BIG Pharma and some greedy bastard billionaire’s funded medical schools but under the condition that those schools teach the curriculum they were told to teach.  Again based on profit vs. Human Health.  

There is a time and a place for some but certainly not all pharmaceutical drugs.  I do believe however that 90+ percent of the time they are not necessary.  Again at the risk of scaring or pissing somebody off,  It’s all about the benjamins.  The pharmaceutical industry is very powerful and influencial.  I’ll leave it at that for now.

Absolutely not.  Because of my personal battle and victory I have a new perspective and of course I am sharing that entire story.  But that represents only about 10 percent of howdandidit.  I want to share my personal and professional story, knowledge and experience over the past nearly 3 decades.  I believe what I know and what I’ve experienced can perhaps make a positive difference in a few lives and even better, millions of lives around the world.

Stage 3 pharyngeal (throat) Cancer.  The golf ball size tumor was discovered July 20, 1018.

In retrospect the two severe back to back throat infections in early and mid 2018 were a sign of things to come.  Then came the more than normal bouts of things getting lodged in my throat while eating. I started having trouble swallowing from time to time.  Otherwise I was in the best shape and health of my life.  Or so I thought.

A couple of puffs in 7th grade.  I didn’t inhale hahaha.  But I was sick for almost 2 days.  I have trouble to this day even smelling a lit cigarette.

I average 1 to 3 beers or glasses of wine per week.  Sometimes none for a week and sometimes I’ll have a bender like most normal people.  Bender for me is NEVER drunk any more.  Slight buzz maybe.  It’s just not anything that has ever been important in my life.

The most I’ve ever been overweight is about 10 to 12 pounds.  I’m 5’10 and my ideal weight is about 170 pounds. The detox protocol I use will eliminate that in 11 days so I don’t really spend a lot of time worrying about it. It’s more a thing of pride than anything else although I now realize that 10 to 12 pounds of fat equates to an insane amount of dangerous toxins that are hiding out in our fat cells.

For one I was toxic like everyone else. When I needed supplementaion the most, I was taking a sebatical from the world of health and nutrition for a couple of years due to deeply stressful, personal unexpected back to back to back disasters in my life.  So I was not only severely toxic but nutritionally bankrupt as well.  I was carrying a lot of inflammation and a few extra pounds of visceral  body fat (the worst kind).  In that fat I was storing up lots of toxins because that’s where toxins love to live and thrive and wreak havoc.

Emergency surgery to cut out the tumor.  High dose Chemotherapy treatment and 40 rounds of  radiation treatment.  We never talked about what caused the cancer nor did we ever talk about modifying my lifestyle to eliminate what actually caused the cancer in the first place.  

No. No and No at first.  I immediately cut out all the sugar from my diet. I did an 11 day celular level detox. I got my body alkaline and many other natural and lifestyle changes that you can read about under the ABOUT tab of this web site.  Within 8 months of my diagnosis the doctors were not able to detect cancer however the pesky tumor was still morphing around, shrinking and swelling (typical side effect of one of the many natural treatments I followed).  When I nearly choked to death on a piece of chicken in front of my daughter I went to the emergency room and they once again tried to rush me into surgery to remove the persistent tumor.  I said no to surgery and chemotherapy but I did reluctantly agree to a modified round of radiation treatments to obliterate the now fragile tumor.  I actually regret that decision to this day as I feel it almost killed me.  The two months following my treatments were by far the worst months of my life.  I actually prayed on my hands and kness for God to take me.  The pain was indescribable.  I lost 40 pounds and was forced to eat from a feeding tube for six months.

I was told that with chemo I could improve my chances of survival by approximately five to seven percent.  Knowing what I know and what I’ve seen in other chemo patients to me the risk was not worth the reward.  Chemo destroys the immune system!  The very thing we need to combat the disease whether we take a conventional or more natural, holistic route.  It’s pure poison in so many ways.  In world war II and the Vietnam war an often used weapon called mustard gas was used to bomb and kill entire villages.  Mustard gas is an active ingredient in many chemotherapy recipes

Cancer surgery to the head and neck region is very delicate and dangerous.  People often die from the surgery.  Furthermore, It would have entailed removing a large section of the anatomy in my throat area including my voice box.  Essentially if I made it through surgery I would be using a mechanical device to speak.  I wasn’t ready for that It scared the hell out of me.

I have always been a proponent of the notion of “balance and moderation”.  So that’s how I ate for many years.  If I ate or drank something I knew was bad for me I consumed 1/2 of it.  I quit stuffing myself into oblivion many years ago.  But for one year prior to my diagnosis I was living my new life in Medellin, Colombia South America.  Let’s just say balance and moderation gave way to arepa, chicharrones, bunelos, empenadas and Bandeja Paisa.  When in Colombia do what the Colombians do right?  Mostly deep fried and nutritionally void.  That’s why I say I was nutritionally bankrupt.  The daily protein/amino acid drink I was consuming was the only semblance of balance and moderation and I believe the key to why the cancer in my throat had not metastasized and spread throughout my body.  When the tumor was discovered the medical team of oncologists were shocked based on experience and logic that the cancer had not spread.  They told me that they had never seen a tumor that size in that area where the cancer had not metastasized.  I cannot prove it but I believe in my heart the reason it did not spread was because of the massive amount of glutathione that my body was producing from the protein/amino acid drink. Glutathione is possibly the most important antioxidant in the body for fortifying the immune system and combating inflammation. 

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