Decision 7: Alkaline vs. acidic

After significant research and talking to some of the worlds foremost authorities on Alkaline water, I found what I believe to be the best source available through a San Diego California based company.  I immediately started consuming the water and testing my levels and was able to get my body into a consistent state of alkaline vs. acidic. Research shows that cancer cannot thrive or survive in an alkaline environment.

On the other hand an acidic body is more prone to excessive inflammation, disease and illness and generally speaking, because of our dietary and lifestyle habits most people spend most of their lives living in an acidic state. Imagine having a swimming pool that is not properly maintained with important PH balancing chemicals. That pool will quickly turn acidic, will begin to form algae and turn green. No different than the human body in a constant state of Acidity.  A good alkaline water source will ensure a constant state of alkalinity.

I found what I believe to be the best fulfillment center for my alkaline water Protocol.  This fulfillment center is based out of San Diego, California.  Send me a private message through my Contact tab for more information.

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