Decision 6: Organic Lifestyle

I started using organic household and personal care products whenever possible. The levels of toxicity we are exposed to in our every day lives are wreaking havoc on our health. After extensive research I found what I believe to be the best fulfillment center for organic household and personal care products in the world.  This fulfillment center is based out of Phoenix Arizona.  Send me a private message through my Contact tab for more information.

I also started consuming organic foods whenever possible.  Organic foods are better than non-organic from the standpoint of less toxic exposure and overload. Unfortunately even organic food is just as nutritionally void of essential nutrients as non-organic foods.  Most people who are committed to eating organic do not know this and they all too often overlook the importance of supplementing with good nutrients even when eating organic.  I knew the protein/amino acid beverage I was consuming was necessary in order to complement and enhance the organic foods I was consuming.

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