Decision 3: Daily meal replacement protein/amino acid shakes for immune system support

Following my 11-day detox and until today, I continue replacing one or two daily meals with the same protein/amino acid beverage that was included in the R2M protocol.  Contrary to popular belief the human body does not recognize protein sources that we consume (chicken, beef, eggs, protein shakes, fish etc.)  What the body does recognize however are the essential amino acids contained within the consumed protein.  The body then uses those amino acids to build its’ own human protein.  That’s why we say that amino acids are the building blocks of life.  I use this shake in particular because in a scientific study conducted by one of the top Oncologists and molecular biologists in the world, it was found to have the highest Net Amino Acid Utilization (absorption) of any protein source ever tested.  

The benefits to this absorption rate are many and significant, but one of the most important is that your body is then able to produce massive amounts of an important antioxidant called glutathione.  Glutathione controls when inflammation increases or decreases as needed, by instructing and influencing our immune white cells. This is a completely separate mechanism from its antioxidant properties.  Increasing glutathione levels reduces chronic inflammation and is one of the most powerful immune system building blocks known to man.  Glutathione also produces what are know as toxin hunters which are essential to ridding the body of dangerous, often deadly toxins. I cannot overstate the importance of a strong immune system at all times, but especially in times of healing. That is why I will never stop consuming this shake daily.

When prepared properly it has been scientifically proven to have an amino acid absorption rate of over 90%. The amino acid absorption rate for most protein shakes is well under 15%.  Although testing higher than all 20 other popular shakes tested, when blended as normal in cold water, the absorption rate was 15%. But because of the unique combination of five particular enzymes known as proteasis, found ONLY in this protein shake, when blended in warm water and allowed to sit with the lid off (incubate) for 45 minutes to one hour, the amino acid absorption skyrockets to over 90%, the highest absorption rate of any protein product ever tested including steak, chicken fish or eggs is 40 percent. 

In this video, Dr. Marco Ruggiero discusses this important subject.  Dr. Ruggiero is a World renowned Oncologist, molecular biologist, cancer researcher and the developer of Bravo… The most powerful probiotic on earth.

Click here for Dr. Marco Ruggiero’s full background and bio

Nine months following my diagnosis, although the tumor was still present, cancer could no longer be detected.  In order to destroy the persistent tumor, I agreed to a round of minimally invasive radiation therapy to obliterate it as it continued to cause periodic swallowing issues.  Due to the treatments, excessive dehydration and minimal caloric intake, I lost 30 pounds within a two week timeframe .  Consequently a feeding tube was installed in my stomach and remained for seven months.

For three of those 7 months, my Sole source of nutrition was this protein/amino acid shake, combined with a macrobiotic yogurt (See Decision 8) and an aloe vera based detox nutritional beverage (See Decision 2), blended together and administered directly into my stomach via a feeding tube.  
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