Decision 2: Detox for immune system support & optimal health

Knowing I was extremely toxic, the next big step I took was to complete a comprehensive 11-day detox program. With so many unproven or unscientific options available, I chose to go with what I believe to be the most proven, the safest and most effective detox protocol on the planet.  A team of scientists and renowned nutrition experts combined this popular detox protocol with a unique method of preparing it and came up with what I believe is the ONLY scientifically proven detox program in the world. This unique detox protocol is called the R2M Protocol.

For me doing this particular detox was an easy decision because it was such an important decision.  All of the anecdotal stories are great, but when dealing with a life or death situation I felt anecdotal evidence plus proven science were essential. The R2M protocol is the only detox I could find that was not only proven, but has scientific studies showing the removal of toxic waste from the human cells.

The R2M protocol is based on the foundation of INTERMITTENT NUTRITIONAL FASTING™ – Not to be confused with Intermittent fasting.  Although Intermittent fasting has become somewhat trendy lately and it can provide many health benefits, studies show it can also be detrimental to your health.  With an intermittent fasting program, during the fasting phases you are depriving your body of essential nutrients that your body requires in order to perform optimally – especially in times of caloric deprivation.  INTERMITTENT NUTRITIONAL FASTING™ on the other hand addresses this problem by flooding the body with essential nutrients during the fasting phases of the detox protocol. The nutrients do not taste or look like what we have come to know as “food”, but the importance of these nutrients as an essential part of any fasting protocol cannot be overstated.

Remember, the body doesn’t recognize calories.  It recognizes nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes etc. and it NEEDS them.  We are already starving ourselves to death with what we are putting in our bodies.  Our lifestyles and eating habits leave our bodies calorically dense and nutritionally deficient when we should be striving for nutritional density.  We need to stop counting calories and start making calories count.  Personally I would not recommend or condone an Intermittent fasting program by itself, without incorporating (supplementing) into the fasting phase of the program the essential nutrients our bodies so desperately require. It’s worth emphasizing I chose the R2M protocol because it is NOT just intermittent fasting but rather INTERMITTENT NUTRITIONAL FASTING™ and it is backed by not just anecdotal stories (and there are thousands) but real peer reviewed scientific studies.

Without this you will never allow your body and in particular your immune system to perform optimally and be able to  reject and even potentially eliminate disease and illness.  Do not confuse intermittent fasting with INTERMITTENT NUTRITIONAL FASTING™ they are NOT the same.

Click on the videos below to learn why you may want to consider incorporating the R2M protocol into your health maintenance routine.

Click here to watch a fantastic informational interview between the two co–developers of the R2M detox protocol.  This video provides a detailed explanation of the R2M protocol and it’s potential effect on human health / Dr. Paul Arciero and Peter Greenlaw video interview

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